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Web Portals

Imagine a world where operational management can create their own custom analytics allowing their production management to obtain instantaneous results regarding their production processes.

Khaga’s consultants, with a large degree of IFS Manufacturing and Distribution knowledge, created Web portlet views to a process manufacturing organization. This allowed quick action to be taken by managers positively affecting process and in turn profit!

Capture and review current and prior data for your custom analysis needs. Develop dashboards for key stakeholders based on their individual needs!

Performance analytics
Information previously housed outside of IFS in Excel can be  entered through a customized portlet screen and used to automate key metrics previously manually created in Excel.

Interactive Portals
The Sales Forecast Status portlet shows the status of each sales person’s forecast, as well as, the customer's forecast.
The forecast details are retrieved from the database and can be saved to an Microsoft Excel file. Further process can occur within Excel and then uploaded back to the database for automated consolidation and approvals.

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Fluid Software Solutions That Adapt to your Business Needs

We don't stuff your business into a package, we configure and customize the package to fit your business needs. ERP solutions are complex and can handle most functions, but invariably there are gaps. That's what separates us from most others -- we can fill the gaps with seamlessly integrated custom programming solutions.